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What's Next

Welcome Home!!!

You are not an accident of nature without a purpose. You were created by the God of the universe, and He gave you unique abilities and talents. There is no one else like you. God is now your heavenly Father and HE has a plan for your life that is different from everybody else’s. His love for you is beyond human understanding.

Believe it, G O D   L O V E S   Y O U ! ! ! 


God will help you realize your purpose and step into everything He has for you. 

What's Next

Live Your New Life Leave behind your old ways, and live guided by the new way of life in the Bible. You now have a power in you, God the Holy Spirit, and He is always with you to help you. You will begin to notice how life is much better with Him. Even right now, pause and talk with Him.

Pray You can right away establish your new relationship with God by  communicating with Him. Spend time with Him every day. Share your thoughts, your hopes, your concerns. Expect God to hear your every word -  and to respond. Speak to God as you would a friend. (That is prayer.)  Realize, He now calls you “friend.” This new life is not about religion; it’s about relationship - with your Creator. 


A powerful prayer is to ask God to make himself real to you.

Read or listen to the Bible The Bible is God’s Word, and it is Truth. It contains God's directions for a living. Read it and encounter the living God. Invite the Holy Spirit help you as you read. He will show you things that might otherwise escape you. After all, how often do you have access to the actual author of a book as you read it? With the Bible, you do!


Connect with other Believers Find a church near you, and start to connect there. God made us for community, and the local church is the anchor of your Christian experience. In church you will be with others who are on the same journey who can help you and who you can also help. You will learn more about your faith-walk and experience God in new ways as you grow.

Here at Parkway we would love for you to come visit us and to let us know about your decision to follow Jesus. We want to celebrate with you and to help you in any way possible on your new journey with the Lord. 

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